About the Conference:
The second conference on Sustainable Development of Arab Communities has neen initiated based on the sensation of the need to maximize the utilization of ancient heritage in the area of arts, crafts and creative and traditional industries for preserving our heritage for future generations. This has been based on the desire to convert different Egyptian regions into centers of excellence for creative designs. The conference is also  focusing on the technical and vocational education for gaining a better market in the international level. The conferences emphasizes originality, flexibility, elaboration, and many other creativity attributes to have a better share in a competitive market.
Conference Objectives:
  •  Introducing a new vision and a strategy for sustainability in traditional and heritage industries.
  • Providing a mechanism for craeting an innovative environment that is capable to enhance creativity through a bunch of capacity building programs in the area of small scale enterprises.
  • Developing traditional, touristic and heritage industries in order to be capable of producing quality creative products.