• 5 Workshops between different departments (Design Studio) where the students explore new aspects of design teaching and ideation concerning design themes in one project.
  • Lecture on (Design for Social Change and the Egyptian Context) addressed by Prof. Anne-Marie Willis, Head, Design Theory, Faculty of Applied Sciences & Arts, GUC
  • Session of workshop outcomes.
  • Sessions of oral presentation of manuscripts.
  • Poster session
  • A show for presenting the outcomes of the workshops where each group will represents his work and a discussion will be held.
  • Companies fair (booths) presenting their products and technicalities (flyers)
  • A specialized TV channels, media and magazines covering the conference and the workshops.

Orient Painting

Applied Arts Institute, October 6th City.

Applied arts Institute, New Cairo City

المدينة للتكنولوجيا المتطورة

A3R Corporation