Workshops held to allow researchers, designers and design students explore new aspects of design teaching and ideation in relation to design themes in one project.
The Design Studio is a new multi discipline approach that is introduced for the first time this year as part of the Fourth International Conference of the Faculty of Applied Arts:
  • Creation
  • Designing
  • Production
  • Competitiveness.

The workshops propose that design as a discipline, or practice from cross-departments within the faculty can innovatively address the real-world design problems and/or human needs that may result in from an industrial/product issues or known unsolved problems.

The Design Studio workshops have four aims.
  • Firstly, to inspire students to think creatively like professional designers;
  • Secondly, to give students confidence and independence by allowing them to use their own creative design tools and techniques;
  • Thirdly, to establish a teamwork spirit within the workshop format;
  • Fourthly, to pilot the initiative and evaluate its pros and cons before deploying it on a wider scale.



Orient Painting

Applied Arts Institute, October 6th City.

Applied arts Institute, New Cairo City

المدينة للتكنولوجيا المتطورة

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